About & Process

Patternier, the brainchild of Master Textile Designer, Heather Rose Rauscher, is a unique Art, Fashion, and Home company rooted in Textile Design. With a deep passion for vintage fabrics, which showcase design culture, Heather reimagines these pieces through her own lens. Using vintage quilts as the backdrop for her designs, she then hand-paints original patterns over the quilts to create a new textile design- and an original work of art. The new textile is then used to create unique home and fashion stylings. Pushing it one step further- all fashion pieces are created from vintage silhouettes which Heather sources herself. Using motifs that would not normally be put together, such as, a chinoiserie Jacobean on an Americana Patchwork, Heather somehow makes it work in a sophisticated and inventive way. Any item from Patternier is meant to stand alone as a work of art, not just a luxury good.

Made 100% in New York- from the design and printing to the cut and sew, and quilting, keeping it local and sustainable is at the forefront of Patternier’s mission. Heather’s 10+ year’s in the textile industry ensures that all fabrics of rich cotton, silk, and linen are of the finest quality to match the craftsmanship of the collections.